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If you are looking for help to build something to make an impact and you care about sustainability and inclusivity, Let's talk 🙌

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I'm always learning and exploring. With my experience as a Principal Software Engineer and Tech Lead in startups and public tech companies across North America, Europe, and Asia, I'm able to help you materialize your innovative ideas with well-rounded tech insight, analysis, and monitoring.

In general, my work is centered around consultation, innovation, and education:

  • Web Tech Consultation
  • SEO Audit
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Public Speaking
  • NGO/NPO Tech Education

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From 2022 on, I'm donating a portion of your payment to NGOs and open source software. The distribution is approximately:

  • 4% - NGOs in poverty
  • 4% - NGOs in sustainability
  • 2% - Open Source Software Sponsorship

I believe in giving back. I was very lucky that my parents bought me a desktop so I could go to college to study science and engineering. I believe now it's my time to contribute for the next generation.