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Hi there👋

My name is Daw-Chih and I'm a software engineer, UX advocate, and mentor who is dedicated to Web engineering. My background in Human Centered Computing has led me to work with startups and public companies across North America, Asia, and Europe. I'm passionate about meeting business trajectory with user journey and utilizing engineering architecture and performance monitoring to provide optimal user experience.

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Some of my Open Source projects

I've spent over 8 years woking on Web engineering, mostly building features and taking care of architectures for client facing products and enterprise software for public tech companies and Fortune 500 enterprises.

I've been working on open source and non-profit projects too! It brings me so much joy contributing back to the community.

I enjoy building tooling around testing, documentation, and CI/CD to improve developer experience. On top of solid coding and automation, nothing makes me happier than creating a meaningful product with thoughtful user experience and great performance.

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I love writing

I enjoy writing about software development. Especially the things that can unblock our daily work and gives people inspirations to strive for engineering excellence.

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My tech stack

TypeScript JavaScript Java React ReactiveX Redux Node.js GraphQL TypeORM CSS3 Sass HTML5 Vue MDX AuthO SVG Webpack Babel Jest Cypress Next.js Vercel PostgreSQL Docker GitHub GitHub_Actions Storybook JFrog npm yarn Postman RSS Sketch Amazon_AWS Google_Cloud Akamai