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Daw-Chih Liou

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Helping developers and organizations around the world build an outstanding web. With human-centered design principle at the core, I'm here to help you and your team achieve more engineering confidence, architectural clarity, scaling velocity, future profit, and tons of joy building what you love.

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Daw-Chih is an very proactive critical thinker that has curiosity on lots of multiple technologies and software trend. He has expertise on front-end technology with his artistic designer sense. He loves challenging and is always willing to share what he knows with the peers.

Founder & CEO

Daw-Chih is one of the most hard-working, highly-skilled and dedicated people I’ve ever worked with. During the 3+ years we’ve worked together, he has shown great drive and perseverance in getting things done. Once he commits to doing a project or task, no matter how challenging, it gets done at a high standard. Tense meetings are no match for him - his tranquil nature is appreciated in the team and helps us keep calm even in challenging situations. These qualities, along with his strong engineering mindset make Daw-Chih a great teammate and a pleasure to work with.

Software Engineer

I had the pleasure to meet Daw-Chih from the very beginning when he joined our company. He took the time to observe and to listen to get a proper impression about the company, the product, and the people to understand why things are in a specific state. He has an excellent technical understanding but even more important, he cares about people and understands what it needs to drive technical excellence in an organization. He's not someone who wants to shine to the outside but put more the team into the spotlight. It was a pleasure to work with him and exchange ideas.


I had the pleasure to work with Daw-Chih for a couple of years on different projects and was impressed with his skills, drive, and level of commitment. Daw-Chih is a perfectionist engineer that commits to and cares about every detail - from the informative commit message to code quality to writing documentation to sharing learnings on guilds. Even though he is a perfectionist, Daw-Chih is pragmatic when finding solutions and meeting deadlines. Besides hard skills, he is a positive colleague you want to chat with on a coffee break and the kind of person that would "warm-up" a boring meeting with a joke. I greatly enjoyed working with him!

Software Engineer

Daw-Chih is a very dedicated and versatile developer. He always keeps in mind the overall roadmap for a project, starting from problem analysis together with our users and including planning and architecture of the solution. These skills are rounded up a deep understanding of the topics he is involved in. His recommendations and feedback is appreciated by our team. Daw-Chih is always pushing on developing his own skills further which makes him a respected team member who can quickly adapt to new challenges.

Team Lead

Daw-Chih is a patient and proactive engineer who works with great attention to detail. He cares about the entire development cycle, from planning through development to testing and deployment. But what I like most about him is that he always puts his work in the context of the product roadmap and deeply cares about the user. I consulted him on UI/UX questions and frontend architecture. He always helped me get a new perspective on a problem.

Senior Software Engineer

Daw Chih is one of the rising super developer that I have ever seen for a long time. He is meticulous, quick learner and self-starter. His courage to fight what is right from wrong, passion for the technology and willingness to help out others make everyone love to have him on the team. Highly recommended.


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I believe in teamwork👯 From web fundamentals to modern technology, I'm passionate about building meaningful products that encompass SEO, accessibility, website performance, and optimal user experience. They're the nuances for your digital business to stand out from the competitive space.

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Open Source

It sparks joy✨ I enjoy contributing to open source communities in React, Next.js, static analysis, and tooling. I'm also a creator and maintainer of a few npm packages.


🕸️🦀 A WASM vector similarity search written in Rust


A collection of utility scripts for developer experience and productivity.

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I love writing

I❤️ writing. I share frequently about what I learned in TypeScript, Rust, and the subtle things in web technology that give you an "AHA!" moment. Some of my articles are featured in publications such as Better Programming and Hacker Noon.

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